Kizumonogatari Reveals First Trailer + Release Date.

It´s been a long time coming, and although I´m pretty sure everyone is gonna stay skeptical about this actually seeing the light of day until the day before the premiere, SHAFT has shown off their aesthetic dick and given us a glimpse of the trilogy through it´s first trailer at the 20th anniversary event of the studio, aswell as announced that it is (supposedly) set to open the 8th of January. Which is literally next month. What the hell.

Of course Shaft isn´t going to let us down animation-wise; or maybe i should say aesthetic, colouring and artistic wise since they´re the kings at hiding movement under layers of motifs and colours – though I´d argue Ufotable is up there as well – this is their style and god damn, am I loving it.

Though I still have to watch Owarimonogatari, the fact that these movies became a meme over time but are now crawling out of production hell is heartwarming. And exciting. And hype as fuck. I´m serious, the trailer is badass and I´m looking forward to it.

In any case, with these movies we´re slowly saying goodbye to the seven  year old franchise full of pretentious hipsters and horny…well, horny hipsters. If this gets delayed again I think we can pretty much confirm Shaft is is searching under all layers and corners for their next big thing. I´ll wish them luck, because nothing is ever going to be what Monogatari was.


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Kizumonogatari Reveals First Trailer + Release Date., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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