Kiss Him Not Me Episode 1 – Hashtag Relatable Trash.

kiss him not me

By which I mean, it’s amazing and I feel extremely represented.

You know, back when this was annouced to get adapted, I was shaken. Not necessarily for its content, but because the creator, Junko, has only done yaoi manga so far. It’s appropriate considering what Kiss Him Not Me is about, but it was still really weird to see her art come to life after years of reading her stories in black and white.

Junko, having established herself as one of the top dogs in the yaoi manga sphere has made her anime debut which strays but is not totally different to her readers are used to – there’s fluffy humor and it won’t ever go too deep. Kiss Him Not Me is supposed to be a love letter to fujoshi, and hopefully get some unsuspecting normie fans with it, too.

By which I mean, Kiss Him Not Me has the absolute potential of becoming the anime to watch this season for anyone who is not too much into anime.

Junko’s artists record aside, this first episode was everything I wanted it to be.

Of course, I giggled at the screen a lot because this show, this series, is hand-made for people like me, the protagonist is supposed to be people like me – the situation is supposed to be what we want, and whatever she does is what we would do in her circumstance.

Unfortunately, I also know that this is going to get old really fast. The manga got old after a couple of chapters – I’ll keep watching it, but it won’t keep up the momentum. At the very least it could open up the gates for more Junko manga to get animated – it’s a lot less problematic than the yaoi we have and it’s not the worst of the crop.

Either way. If you like that gay shit or if you like laughing at it, you might wanna check this out if you haven’t yet. It’s pretty amazing depending on who you ask. I’m more interested in what happens after it ends.


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Kiss Him Not Me Episode 1 - Hashtag Relatable Trash., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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  1. yeah, yaoi its good

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