Kill Me Baby Voice Actress Ai Takabe Arrested for Cocaine Possession.


According to several Japanese news outlets, 27 year old gravure model and voice actress Ai Takabe, previously known for her roles in Kill me Baby as Agiri and Aoi Hana as Fumi, got arrested on Monday for drug possession – a small dose found in her house, specifically, after the police searched for it.

Ai Takabe herself has since then admitted to the charges, saying she got it from a friend; in a matter of hours her management has dropped her, her name got deleted from the Kill me Baby website, the DVDs got pulled out from Amazon and Bandai announced they´ll stop streaming Kill Me Baby, Sweet Blue Flowers and Wandering Son altogether all in which Ai Takabe played a role in, even if it was just minor.

As for her conviction, she´s still awaiting trial despite admitting to the charges. Ai Takabe won the Gravure Award back in 2004 in the Bishoujo Contest, whatever that is, then joined an idol group called Bishoujo Club 31, which probably literally has 31 members, stayed active as a gravure model and voiced in some anime.

Well, this is interesting. Unlike in the West where we´re more surprised when our celebrities aren´t snorting crack, their scandals are obviously on a much bigger scale compared to what is considered “scandalous” over there, in both Japan and Korea. I can´t help but be both surprised, curious about the reaction this ordeal got and, though I feel slightly bad about it, a little bit amused that a Kill me Baby of all possible trippy anime there is – actress got arrested for drugs. Anyways, the articles I read never specified whether or not she actually took the drugs herself, maybe it´s just obvious, but some light on that aspect could help her image out of the mud, even if by a few centimeters. Let´s just hope she can get her life together after this, and shoutout to all the incredibly creative (in)appropiate Kill me Baby fanart. Keep doing you internet, keep doing you.


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