Keijo Episode 1 – Funded By Donald Trump.


Word has it that butt and titty wrestling is going to be the next big way to pay off our university student loan debts.

In an world where girls literally get knocked out of because of a big ass, anime is always here to remind you that you haven’t seen anything at all when you think you can no longer be surprised. Keijo is the type of ecchi show there should be more of – it’s unapolagetic about what it is and god damn, does that make it automatically a hundred times better than all of its competition combined.

Basically – we meet our Excited Anime Protagonist #1, she’s poor and thus enters the fantastic sport of Keijo to pay off her debts. Full of tragic backstories, overpowered asses and titties that can shoot  missiles (not yet, but I’m waiting) Keijo is less raunchy than it is comedic, more comparable to Prison School than to anything else, anyone who tolerates a bit of stupidity can enjoy it.

Which I did. I’ll continue this show for sure, even though the blondie in the beginning reminded me of the blondei from Zetsubou Sensei (because all american blondes are the one from Zetsubou Sensei) and it has more body type diversity than the entirety of Tumblr combined, my personal favourite being the one of the coach.

Of course, ignoring anything with power names such as “butt cannon” and “butt guillotine” is sin. I sincerely hope people start complaining about how disrespectful this is towards women just so I can write a twenty page essay on why it is quite the opposite. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, fanservice does men more wrong than women.

But all of that is irrelevant here. As I said, it’s stupid. You like stupid shit. The butt vs. boobs discourse takes a whole different turn. Watch it. Or don’t. I know I will.


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  1. It’s retarded.

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