K: Return of Kings Episode 1 Thoughts – Instagram Filters, The Animation.


K was never about the substance, and judging by the obvious fujobaiting, uncalled for tits, ass and impossible spinal chords, efforts in choreography, colours and shitty CGI covered with a million camera spins, GoHands knows this. Even so I think K is trying too hard to be a little bit of everything.

Appeal to be a little a little bit of everything, appeal to a little bit of everyone. This sounds great on paper, but generally just doesn´t make the cut – because fujoshi don´t generally appreciate blatant fanservice inbetween their homoerotic tension and fanservice suckers generally don´t appreciate homoerotic tensions inbetween their pantyshots and boob jiggles. Cue a scene where our obligatory emo boy rides around the city on a skatebord in a strangely okay looking CGI scene to see his boyfriend while someone sings something. This scene confused the hell out of me. Why was it there? it felt so out of place.

In fact, the whole entire episode felt jumbled and weird – I don´t recall the first episode being so awful in that sense.

So with the most unappealing fanservice ever, supermodels with ridiculous hairstyles and females that exist only to show off their impossibly flexible spine, panties and tits that bounce like this were a damn Prison School reject episode, what makes people come back to K and suck off its juices like the milkman?

Most would say the animation. K was never about the substance, but it was always about the style. It was promoted with a massive emphasis on its colours and camera work after all.

So while style can definitely make up for a boring, strange story with cringeworthy dialogue, I don´t think K, Return of Kings can keep it up – either find your audience and concentrate on that or continue to hit every possible animu pandering checklist there is and never capture anyone completely.

The animation, or more like the feeling of the first fifteen minutes made me feel like I was the one flying around the city – the camera work is no joke, the backgrounds beautiful, the motions were generally impressive and even the CGI is a notch above the usual (though that doesn´t mean it´s good) but, guys, holy fuck, stop praising this show like it were the next Kara no Kyoukai.

Listen. If GoHands is good at anything it´s not animation, but it´s them pretending they´re good at animating. I´m not saying they´re bad, because they´re not, but they hide most of the actual animation under layers of effects, fast camera work, filters and fancy colours. Their expressions are absolute horrendous and terribly noticeable because it didn´t matter whether they were talking, eating or fighting, all the characters had the exact same expression, always.

So with that said, K Return of the Kings could easily be renamed to K Return of the Instagram Filters – it looks pretty, but in the end, that´s really all there is to it. I´ll continue watching it, but I won´t be surprised if I get sick of it in its first hour.

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