Japanese Bookstore Employees Rank BL Manga, A Review, Sort Of.


So apparently, a Japanese website began a nationwide manga bookstore employee survey where the employees choose their top BL manga of the year 2014, the results are out, and from 400 stores around Japan, the manga after the cut are the result, so I review them, and decide on wheter or not I agree with Japanese bookstore employees. Yup.

1. Ten Count, by Rihito Takarai.

371 In a not so shocking revelation that surpised exactly nobody, Ten Count got first place, I´m still somewhat confused about the popularity of Takari´s work, but hey, I ain´t hating.

I have already said what I think of this series on my analysis of it, which you can find somewhere, but in case you don´t want to, I´ll summarize it in a few sentences: I like Ten Count, it really owns the rules of sensuality – it´s crazy classy, but sometimes lacks the it factor, maybe it´s because it´s still running, but I feel like it´s kinda slow, but hey, when it does it good, it does it good. Deserving of number 1 though? In my opinion, nah, but I wouldn´t complain about it being in the top 10.

2. Toshishita Kareshi no Renai Kanriguse by Hashigo Sakurabi.

toshishitakareshiDid I really just read the 80-something translated pages for the sake of this post? Yes, yes I did.

Hey, I don´t regret it, because hot damn, this sent me overdrive. First of all, the art is fabulous, way prettier and unique than the cover, to be fair. Anyways, I´m sure there are more chapters out in good ol´ Japan, but if it continues like the first two chapters, colour me in love, personally, I already like this better than Ten Count, but that might be because I have a thing for the absent-minded-yet-seductive kind of character + all the sex scenes.

This is dirty. I love it.

3. Kuroneko Kareshi no Aishikata by Sakyo Aya

kuronekokareshi I remember reading this or its prequel ages ago, but I honestly can´t recall anything about its plot, characters, entertainment factor or even the smut scenes, so yeah, at the very least, it´s not memorable.

Anyways, I love everything of Sakyo Aya apart from her Kuroneko series, and since I have forgotten everything about it, I might not be the best to judge its quality.

Do I think it deserves third spot? Uh, clearly not.


4, 5, 6 & 7, Dakaretai Otoko No1 ni Odosareteimasu, Umibe no Étranger, In These Words, Hitorijime My Hero.

Can´t be bothered to read these or they´re unscanalated, probably the latter. Most of them look fabulous though, especially Hitorijime.

8. Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai by Yoneda Kou

saezarutoriOh c´mon, y´all know Saezuru is one of my all time favourite manga, y´all know I´m all over anything by alledged yaoi queen Yoneda Kou, y´all know I think this should be on first place, period.

But life is a cruel mistress, and Saezuru somehow ended up eigth place, but at least it gets some sort of acknowledgement, I guess.

Anyways, It´s not like I haven´t praised Saezuru before; It´s intense, interesting, rude and above all, sexy. The only yaoi that could maybe top this is an extended version of Junketsu Drop.

9. Soredemo, Yasashii Koi wo Suru by Yoneda Kou

I´m not gonna pretend I remember anything from this series, but fuck it, it´s Yoneda Kou, so I´m sure it was great.

10. Hana to Usagi by Chaki Kashima

hanatousagi Hey, I can sort of understand the reason why Saezuru ended up in the latter half, I mean, it´s really not for everyone but, this? the crazy cute and crazy adorable and crazy nghfdsg-worthy Hana to Usagi? Are y´all sure?

Because I´m not; tho I wasn´t exactly dying to read it when I saw the synopsis, I mean, a bunny head? really?

However, Hana to Usagi is amazing, everyone should read it. Really, that´s all there is to it. Read it.

Overall, I´m pretty happy about this list, the quality is high for sure, and includes a lot of my personal favourites, so all is good with the world, thanks, Japan, for your gay drawings.



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