It’s The Year Of LGBT, Baby; Love Stage!! Anime PV & Such.


We started the year with yuri (Sakura Trick), we are going to continue with yuri (Akuma No Riddle and Inugami san) and maybe, just maybe the second half of the year will be in the hands of BL.

Scared? Well, I mean, the new Sekaiichi movie is coming out in the Summer, and shortly afterwards comes the much anticipated “Love Stage!!” Which, while being a full on yaoi; I don’t think we should be expecting as much sexual interaction as we see in the manga.

This time around the director is Kenichi Kansai, director of Aoi Hana and Bakuman, I’m a little skeptical of the fact that a man is directing  it; Maybe I should try being a little more optimistic, even though I don’t understand why JC Staff didn’t ask Chiaki Kon (Junjou Romantica, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Higurashi, Golden Time) but whatever.

Speaking of JC Staff, am I the only one who is surprised that DEEN didn’t pick this up? It feels like a very DEEN show, to be honest.

Still. The shots have been fired and I already have a thing to complain about; The VA of Izumi. God damn, his voice doesn’t fit his character at all.  Maybe I should get used to it.

All things considered; I hope they air something Back Stage! related; Maybe an OVA or a special or somethin’. ‘Cause that stuff is goood.


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