Subjectively-Objective Reviews#9 Kyoukai No Kanata


 How unpleasant.–Mirai Kuriyama

Following the footsteps of Free! and Chuunibyou, Kyoani brings us the megane-induced-self proclaimed “supernatural mystery”, unfortunately, it relies a little more on the megane and a little less on the supernatural mystery. I thought one Meganebu was enough but clearly not.

Oh boy, here we go.


Kyoukai follows Akihito; a highschooler that appears to be human, but is actually a half youmu, and on top of that, also inmortal! The story begins when Akihito finds his kouhai Mirai Kuriyama about to jump off the school’s rooftop, he prevents her from doing so, and thereafter disturbing situations follow Akihito, Mirai and the Nase siblings.

That is literally it.

I was very, very excited with the first two episodes, It had a nice, laid back and relaxed feel to it that I liked. I thought, hey, maybe this could be a potetial romance about two misfits with some comedy and supernatural elements?

I was wrong. The writing in Kyoukai is terrible. Terrible in the sense that it has zero sense of pace and common sense. Akihito wants Mirai to join the literally club, let’s spend three entire episodes plus an idol episode on that.

This wouldn’t be that bad, if Kyoukai wasn’t like “Lol let’s introduce a badass but not really megane character, stir up some shit just to come up with the Kyoukai No Kanata in the last three episodes, lol.”

The plot seems to have no idea where it’s going and what’s it doing, it kind of felt like an unfinished product, to be honest.

On the other hand, the SOL parts were fun. Out of place, but fun.



Kyoukai no KanataKyoukai No Kanata has some pretty decent characterts I gotta admit; Our protagonists are likeable (tho some more than others) but overal they’re a fun bunch… if they got some more time to interact with one another.

Hiroomi and Akihito make up for the best bro’s of 2013, I guess the same goes to Mirai and Mitsuki, I like their dynamic, so what is there to complain about?

Well, I guess this is sorta contradicting to what I said before, but I could appreciate more laid back and relaxed SOL moments with the group; Rather than the attempt of giving them a dramatic background that never got developed. Still, credits are due where they are due, and I gotta say I really do like Mirai as a heroine.


Music & Animation

Aside from the SOL moments of the series, the animation is, as expected, the best part of the entire show. The action sequences in the last episode were kinda gorgeous and left mi mouth hanging, seriously, 1080p or die. But come on, this is Kyoani we’re talking about. I barely heard any music so there’s that.

Final Verdict

I don’t regret watching Kyoukai No Kanata. While it was underwhelmed with mistakes, I did have fun watching it. I don’t think I would actually recommend this show to anyone unless they’re looking for a moe infested try-hard attempt of a dark fantasy. Regardless, Kyoani has never completely dissapointed me and this is no exception. Kyoukai No Kanata gets a 6 out of then. There it is.

If you liked Kyoukai No Kanata… I recommend Chuunibyou and Hyouka.


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