Subjectively-Objective Reviews #7 Durarara!!


“Your name sounds like an air conditioner.¨

–Izaya Orihara.

Being both a fandom and personal favourite, saying that Durarara!! is flawless would be a lie wrapped in another. Sick of characters bought out of an anime trope stock shop? Sick of clichéd, old-fashioned stories and dull storytelling? In that case Durarara!! is the anime for you. If, you know, you can deal with the close-to terrible and unforgivable final arc.


“I love clichés!” Shouts our main character, ironically so, because I can’t recall a single cliché moment in the entire anime.
The story takes place in the lively Ikebukuro district; The home of many strange “colour” gangs, “Dollars”, Headless Riders riding a jet-black motorcycles, and the home of Masaomi Kida; A boy who invites his bestfriend Mikado to move to Tokyo.
Meeting the notorious people of Ikebukuro, Masaomi quickly finds himself in the middle of a crisis he himself may or may not have caused.
Confused? Good. Because “confusing and awesome” is what describes the plot best. Some may call it a modern fairytale setup, and they may even be right. Durarara!! creates a space with fantasy and urban daily life specactularly so.

Fifty characters, fifty stories, one same conclusion. Expecting any less from the creators of Baccano! would be an insult.
Story gets a, don’t freak out, 10 out of 10.


326726I am going to take a step back and hold my chin up and pride tosay that half the characters in my “Favourite characters of all time” come out of this show.

Is well-written the word I’m looking for? Or maybe the word is silly?
Strangely humane, exagerated and fun to watch, that’s it. They do a fantastic job in not being one dimensional or boring, creating a cast oozing of cool.
Or atleast, the ones out of highschool ooze cool. On the topic, the reason Durarara!!! ended up on a bitter notion is because it focuses on the exact wrong trio rather than the characters everybody and their mother actually loves. Alas, they carry the story. Characters get a 9 out of 10 due to every character that is not Anri or Kida.

Animation and music;

While I can’t point out any highlights except for the fantastic openings, I can’t point out any flaws either. Animation and music get a 6 out of 10.


Even with it’s complicated plot, the first half was very fun to watch; flying vending machines, stalkers, suicide and narcisism. Yup.
If it was just for this, this anime would get a 10 out of 10, but due to the horrible “serious” highschool trio with a sudden drama that was seemingly pulled out of someones ass, I can’t help but not forget that.
Other than that, I would recommend this to anyone, furthermore, I give Durarara!! a 8.5, out of 10.
Recommendations; Baccano! (Same director, sime writer, same style of storytelling and silly characters. I personally don’t like Bacanno at all, but denying it’s quality would be biased.)


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