Subjectively-Objective Reviews#5 Kamisama Hajimemashita


Is this really happening? No one can see my hotness? — Kurama Shinjirou.

If you aren’t atleast a little bit seduced by the picture above, you may aswell shut down this review right now and consider this anime dropped before you even picked it up. Because truth to be told Kamisama Hajimemashita is, in it’s core, a story that has been told and retold fifty nine times before, and somehow the little bugger still gets away with it.

The ten pounds of pretty boys and the art of not taking itself seriously may or may not have something to do with this.


SUZUKIJuliettaKamisamaHajimemashita03   Our heroine is Nanami Momozono, a girl whose father ran out on her leaving her with his debts and ends up homeless but… not for long! As she sits in despair on a bench in the park, she sees a man running away from a dog and ends up helping him. Surprise surprise, the eccentric man offer her his house and kisses her before he dissapears.

What she didn´t know, however, is that by doing this she has also become the God of a shrine and the master of a cranky and sassy familiar who is pretty hot.

Right from the start Kamisama makes it clear that this show is not to be taken too, seriously, the first phrase of the series literally being “Also, this is a comedy, not a tradgedy.” All in all, the story could be considered quite heart warming, and some moments in the anime really feel so, in the end, more than story it´s a setup, and for this particular show that makes it work, I give it a 7 out 10.

Characters and Romance

The characters are a colourful bunch of wackos alright.

Our heroine, Nanami, is quite likeable compared to other shoujo heroines, as for once, she actually gets shit done. (Though unfortunately this independance fades as the serie passes, but it was fantastic in the first three or so episodes and the last one.) quirky and a little hot-headed.

The main male character is the familiar Tomoe, one of the prettiest animated boys I have ever seen. He´s sassy and kind of a Sebasitan type. The other relevant characters are Kurama -my personal favourite-, the fallen angel with an ego, Snake boy, Grell Sutclif and finally homeboy with the glasses.

But seriously. Kurama.

The romance is nothing out of this world to be honest, I like the dynamic between Nanami and Tomoe, sure, but it`s a romance as old as time. Wheter you can stand this lack of originality is up to you.

Characters get a 8 out of 10.

Animation & Music

The animation is average, the music is above that. I am absolutely enchanted by both the opening and ending, now I don´t get that alot, so kudos to Kamisama and it´s team. Animation gets a 6, music gets a 7.


Final Verdict

If you are a shoujo fan, I would definately give this a shot. The first three episodes had me amazed and even if the magic worked off as time passed, it never stopped being enjoyable, (well, except in the parts where they tried to do sad and failed to do this.) If you expect an authentic romance or something out of the ordinary, you´re looking in the wrong place homeboy.

Kamisama Hajimashita get´s a fantastic 7.5 out of 10, if you liked Kamisama, I would recommend Kaichou wa maid sama! and Toradora.


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