Subjectively-Objective Reviews#10 Meganebu!


“No glasses, no life!” — Akira Souma, the glasses club president.

As a glasses wearer I felt morally obligated to give this a try, and boy, was it a conflicting watch. Maybe because this was supposed to kinda-sorta replace Free! for the season, or maybe it’s because I could identify with Akira on more levels than one. Regardless of any of that, here is my much belated Meganebu! review, mainly because I forgot this show existed. Here we go.


magengay3The story is nothing to wrap your mind around, but the setup kinda is. Meganebu! tells the day to day life of the five members of the glasses club and their goal of creating X-Ray glasses.

That is literally it.

To be honest, I think the setup is the great mainly because it’s just so whacky and out there; Every episode is divided into two or three mini stories, wheter it’s the guys cleaning their glasses or  their adventure of walking back home in the rain with fogged glasses and eventually getting horribly lost.

It sounds boring, but I guarantee that if there’s one thing you can’t call Meganebu! it’s that, boring.  Story get’s a 6 out of 10.


meganegay2  An actual quote from the director; “Our goal is to get the audience of Free!”

More than one person went crazy, expecting alot of bromance and some story. Unfortunately, Meganebu! made a horrible mistake right in the first episode by chasing away half their potential fanbase by making girls underwear their motivation.

Aside from that (and which I will talk about later) the characters can go from hot mysterious bishies to annoying twats in a matter of seconds. Still, there wasn’t anything overwhelmingly bad to complain about and they all played their role of keeping up with the sheer ridiculousness of the show. Characters get a 6 out of 10.

Sound & Animation

Forget the music and please, let’s talk about the godly animation. I think bubblegum and Bakemonogatari. I don’t know. While some people were understandably annoyed by the random speech bubbles appearing out of nowhere, or the polka dot patterns for entire backgrounds, or random shifts in “important” scenes, and irrelevant characters played out as CG faceless  dolls; I, personally, absolutely loved it, and, to be honest, if this had Free! like standard “pretty” animation, I would have probably dropped it.

Music and animation get an 8 out of 10.

Final Verdict

Meganebu! doesn’t know what it wants, and went from having the possibility of riding on Free!’s success to have your a little more amusing Kimi no boku 3, or just cute boys doing cute things.

I feel that if it aired in a different season, reception for the show would have been alot more positive than it was. I don’t think Meganebu is a bad show, hell, it could have been the next Tumblr sensation if the first episode wasn’t as shallow as it was.

Overall, I give Meganebu! a six out of ten, and would only recommend it if you’re in the mood for an episodic and random show whose cast is male-only.

For further recommendation, I recommend Daily Life Of Highschool Boys (which is hilarious), and Kimi No Boku if you’re into these kinds of shows.





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