Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? Episode 1 Thoughts.


You know what? This show reminds me of Akame Ga Kill; same feeling, same setting, same main character and same walking talking stereotypes. The difference? this show has cgi monsters and lots of oppai. Take that, Satelight.

– We kick the season off with some half naked shoujo talking about some lore nobody really cares about, but the gist of things is that they serve to help others defeat monsters, or something, all while the camera flies around some medieval looking town reminiscent of Akame Ga Kill and about every other adventure anime ever.

– Have I mentioned these are notes I take while watching the episode and that´s why the format is like it is? now you know. Anyways, we cut to our protagonist  TinkerBell dodging a really ugly CGI minotaur who´s basically ready to beat him up until Tinkerbell gets saved and Nagato Yuki appears to slice him. Get out, Nagato, this isn´t your show.

– I say Nagato Yuki because she about has as many facial expressions as the former. Anyways, fast forward to Tinkerbell being lovestruck about the gorgeous maiden. To be honest, Tinkerbell is a lot more tolerable and actually kind of cute compared to other protagonists of shows like these a.k.a: cocky shonens who shit overpowered nonsense.

“You´re supposed to pick up girls in dungeons[…]” Bell´s grandad used to say. Apparently. Psh. And then they say chivalry is dead.

– Just wondering, but are there any male gods, and if so, do they wear skimpy outfits too?

– The godess is cute and she´s (surprisingly) not a tsundere which I appreciate greatly knowing that the tsundere fest known as Nisekoi is airing on the same day as this.

– Fast forward to a bunch of other waifus Bell eating until Nagato Yuki and her gang appear to get drunk. Apparently they´re called the Famiglia or whatever. Anyway, turns out the only pretty boy is a total jackass and starts talking shit about Tinkerbell. Fuck you, pretty boy, he´s cute.

-Surprisingly, Bell doesn´t follow the shonen 101 handbook and instead of swearing revenge he runs away crying and drinks his pain awa– I mean, slays some more cgi monsters until he awkwardly hugs his wife a.k.a the godess and tells her he wants to get stronger. Mmmkay.

So, this show isn´t as offensive and perverted as I thought it´d be, will I watch it? if I have the time. Anyways, it was fun to take notes of this, so maybe I´ll do it more often.


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