I Can’t Stop Thinking About HAL; Best Anime Movie Ever?

hal movieIt’s been around a week ago since I’ve watched this 60 minute long movie called HAL; And boy, I still can’t stop thinking about it.

Maybe it’s the gorgeous animation or the absolutely crazy plotwist that most definitely should be put in the book of “Best plotwists in the history of plotwists.”

I mean, yes, maybe it’s not that balls of the walls amazing as I make it out to be, ’cause to my amazement, there are way too many people that disliked the movie, or thought it was “just” another anime movie.

Subjectively, I couldn’t disagree more.

On the surface, Hal and Kurumi live a happy life that comes to an abrupt end as Hal ends up in a plane accident; And in order to give Kurumi her will to live back, she is put into “robot therapy”, meaning that the robot Q01, who looks exactly like the dead Hal is sent to take care of her, right?

Hal pushed all the right buttons, and never have I felt so attached to an anime movie since forever; I love it, and I recommend you watch it and fall inlove with it aswell.


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I Can't Stop Thinking About HAL; Best Anime Movie Ever?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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