Hybrid Child Anime “Confirmed”. Seriously?

69Personally, I’m pretty big on the yaoi and shonen-ai genre, especially manga-wise as anime tends to not go further than low-budget OVA’s, yaoi where the BL has been drowned down drastically for censorship reasons to the point it’s just suggested shonen-ai or a Shunguki Nakamura adaptation by DEEN where everything is exactly the same as all her other works, just in another jacket.

Granted, as of late we’re getting treated to a DRAMAtical Murder anime which will either fail or be the best thing ever, the cutesy-cutesy Love Stage!!, a Sekaiichi Hatsukoi movie and, naturally, Free season 2.

Joining this BL line-up (Okay, Free is not actually BL, whatever.) is Hybrid Child, a manga in which the characters look identical to Junjou Romantica’s Usagi and Misaki.

Look. There is no doubt in my mind that Hybrid Child will be an entertaining OVA or series, it’s probably going to be just like every other Shunguki Nakamura work and they’re not offensively bad by any stretch of the imagination, hell, I would re-watch Sekaiichi Hatsukoi any day if I had the time. My complaint is the same, repetitive complaint of every other yaoi fan ever: Why Shunguki Nakamura?

The yaoi-anime genre in itself is ridiculously small and realizing that your favourite yaoi isn’t going to be adapted just because Nakamura has a steady fanbase is a bit disheartening. What about Junketsu Drop? Or if it’s the lenght, Honto Yaaju?

Furthermore, Hybrid Child has been announced three years ago and even though we know the director (Michio Fukada)  and seiyuu (Nobuhiko Okamoto & Daisuke Hirakawa), no date has been set.



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