Hipster Recommendations Week 9: Michiko To Hatchin.

michikotohatchin3If you haven’t heard of Michiko to Hatchin yet; Today is probably the day you will be thanking me for introducing you to this fiesta-fista latino-inspired Black Lagoon meets Bunny Drop-esque clusterfuck of an anime.

It’s chaotic, it’s out there, it has flaws but fails to let it get the best of it. Michiko to Hatchin is that one breather you need in a ocean full of wishy-washy shonen heroes and goody-two-shoes shoujo heroines.

Excited? Good. ‘Cause boy, are you in for a ride.

Michiko is a lovesick, sexy and badass criminal looking for the man she once loved.

Hachin isĀ  an abused, cynical take-no-shit-from-n0-one foster child, looking for a chance to break out of that horrible household.

What will happen when the faith of these two ladies clash, and what discoveries will they make; not just of eachother, but also of themselves?

Enter the adventures of Michiko and Hatchin as they look for the man of both their pasts, while simuntaneously having the police, gangs, and abusive foster parents on their heels!


Who should watch Michiko to Hatchin?

Did you like Black Lagoon, but felt it lacked humanity and feels?

In that case, Michiko to Hatchin is the place to be; Mixing sweet emotions with heavy action masterfully; All set in the gorgeous South America. Specifically, Brazil.

Why should you watch Michiko to Hatchin?

The characters. The fluid animation. The exhilarating action and again, the characters. Michiko to Hachin definitely breaks a few rules of anime; And while it has more than enough faults; the good overshadows it to the point you forget all about it.

I’ll be the first to say that Michiko to Hatchin has been having me feel the void I haven’t felt since Free! or Angel Beats.

And that, is a sign of an anime that touched my heart.




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