Hipster Recommendations Week 8; Welcome To The NHK.

Minitokyo.NHK.ni.Youkoso!.298289Are you 300% done with tsunderes and fetishized meganes?

300% done with generic girl trips on guy and thereafter they fall in love setups?

Are you feeling upset over something, and need to feel a little better about yourself?

Then, my dear reader, Welcome To The NHK is the show you want to see, (probably).

And, spoiler alert; There is alot of weird shit going on; Conspiracies, suicides, hikkikomoris, crazy and sometimes a little disgusting animation, and, ultimately, hentai games.

Oh boy, are you in for a ride.


The NHK is an evil company leading a conspiracy, Satou Tatsuhiro decides, and he will not surrender to it, he claims.

But all Satou really is is a shut-in, a NEET, a hikkikomori, if you will, and after three years of talking to his tables and fridges, Satou hears a strange anime opening that goes along the lines of “puru puri ri, puri pu” finding out it’s his old classmate living next to him, he is almost forced into his plans of making an eroge game, and shortly afterwads Satou meets an even stranger girl who promises him to cure him of his NEET ways! How will Satou take this sudden change of direction and pace in his life?

Who should watch Welcome To The NHK?

Everyone should probably give this a try unless you have a thing against plot that is all over the place and situations that aren’t always that pleasing to watch. Either way, it’s a show that’s mentioned alot yet heavily overlooked by most for it’s uninteresting synopsis and brimming with mediocrity animation. Still.

Why should you watch Welcome To The NHK?

I’ve said this alot, but this time I guarantee it with body and soul; Welcome To The NHK is an anime that has no problem whatsoever with stepping on untouched and feared grounds. It’s different, it’s melancholic, it’s funny, it’s weird, it’s depressing and even thought-provoking, it takes these elements and blends them masterfully and like no other.

In short; Watch it. Like, right now. Do it.







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