Hipster Recommendations Week 5; No.6.

No.6.full.828239“Your eyes were a strange color that I´ve never seen before, they drew me in.” – Shion.

I wanted to be funny and use No.6 for week 6, but unfortunately for me, I have found out that I´m not “Hipster” enough and I could not think of any other title for this week. Forgive me.

Ahh No.6… I´m wrecking my mind as I think of the right words to write, if I try my best, the words that pop up are magical, mediocre and special.

Vague? Good. No.6 reminds me alot of Shinsekai no Yori in that sense, it´s calm, a little out there and, yeah, that.

Oh yes, that.

Somewhere in the future and after the last great war, most of mankind has been sent to live in a handful of luxurious states. For the priviledged, life could be no better. Outside the walls, however, live and rule the poor. Sometimes coolhearted, other times a little crazy.

Enter young Shion, who, after screaming out in the rain, finds another young boy that calls himself Nezumi in his room. Shion helps him, and even years later, life for Shion becomes a mess because of him.

Years later Shion is sent to a correctional institute for being under suspicion of murder… just to get saved by the afromentioned Nezumi! The boys escape to the outsides, and thus Shion begins the adventure of finding out the secret of the “perfect society” he used to live in while simuntaneously figuring out himself.

Who should watch No.6?

This is going to sound ridiculous, but is true regardless. No.6 is for fujoshi, or others who can appreciate a good, well-written and interesting relationship.

Because, despite of the plot, the plot really is the most unimportant and uninteresting aspect of the series. Instead, I want to give all the awards to the Shion – Nezumi relationship. Seriously.

Why should you watch No.6?

Honestly? If I were to give this a proper review, the serie would probably get a a 6 at most. The story has plot devices pulled out it´s ass, the animation is mediocre, and music, what music?

But, the beginning was golden, I swear. And after that, the advances in the relationship between the people from outside the walls and especially between Shion and Nezumi kept me glued to the screen regardless.

It´s cute, it gives the feels. It´s great.


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