Hipster Recommendations Week 4; Arakawa Under The Bridge.

arakawa-11e  “I want to hear who you are, not what you have.” — Nino.

Alot less “Hipster” than the other titles I´ve written about, I am still seeing a dissapointing lack  ofArakawa in “Best Comedy Anime” threads.

Produced by the masterminds behind Madoka, Bakemonogatari and Sayonara Zetsubou sensei, this is the first SHAFT title I have personally ever seen without random text and head tilts getting thrown in my face every few minutes.

Ko Ichinomiya is an everyday buisness man whose family rule is to never ever be indebted to anyone. One day, he finds himself in nothing but underwear as his pants fall off and later he himself falls off the bridge and into the Arakawa river… just to be saved by the cutely and absolutely insane Nino, a girl who lives under the bridge together with her various, erm, interesting friends.

To pay off his debt, Ko offers all kinds of luxuries, but all Nino wants is to experience love, and thus begins his life under the bridge.

Who should watch Arakawa Under The Bridge?

Anyone looking for an, erm, unusal comedy with unusual characters.

Why should you watch Arakawa?

While it begins a little slow, after a few episodes you find yourself fallen in love with the characters and their crazy shenanigans. From the priest in drag, a kappa, a rockstar with a star for head and ultimately, Nino.

It´s cute, it´s fun, it´s weird and it is most certainly unique.


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