Hipster Recommendations Week 3: Zetsuen No Tempest.


“It might be for the better if there are amusing people around me. Because any tradegy may seem a comedy as long as I am with them.” — Fuwa Aika.

 Zetsuen no tempest or The Civilization Blaster is without a doubt an unique and one of a kind series.

 No, I´m serious. Shakespears, magic, sister complexes, bromances, dead   people and alot of butterflies. These ingredients mixed with awesome make one of the shows that I didn´t want to write a Hipster Recommendation for. Why? It tanked, and I hate to say that we probably aren´t getting a show like this in a long time probably.

Airing in a season next to series such as Btoom!, project K, Magi, Sakurasou, Shin Sekai No Yori and Chuunibyou, Zetsuen´s first half has made it part of my top ten favourite anime of all time.

zetZetsuen tells the tale of Fuwa Mahiro and Takigawa Yoshino; Bestfriends that can´t ignore danger even if they tried. One day a little over a year ago, Mahiro´s little sister, Aika, was found dead in her own home. After that, Mahiro dissapeared, and little later, find a letter in a bottle from a supposed sorceress that promises to help him find the murderer of his sister, if in exchange he will help her to find a way out of the island to stop the ressurection of the Tree of The World´s End.

Enter present day, where Yoshino visits Aika´s grave, just to get a gun pointed at his head by a woman seeking for Mahiro, and alas, Mahiro appears right that moment to save his bestfriend with… magic!

Thus beings the tale of people that go a little deeper than you´d think, friendships put on test, all kinds of love and, ultimately, the end of the world.

Who should watch Zetsuen No Tempest?

Anyone, really. I can´t think of anyone who would not like this show to be honest.

Why should you watch Zetsuen No Tempest?

It´s easy to follow, it has fun and interesting characters, interesting character relationships and dynamics, good story and finally orgasmic music and animation. If this was an actual review, every aspect would get an 8 or higher. The second half does have things left to be desired though, deciding to pull a 180 and go for a more romantic, laid back slice of lifey route even if, you know, the world is ending.

Speaking of endings, the finale is fantastically satisfying on all ends.

Zetsuen No Tempest is unique and ambitious, it only unfortunate that I don´t know anyone in my real life that has heard about it.


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