Hipster Recommendations #20: Candy Boy.


Sometimes, you just want to sit down and watch an anime that doesn´t take too long to finish and doesn´t require too much of your attention span to do so. Sometimes, when you´re tired of anime tropes, tsunderes, harems and flashy low-budget 2D fighting, you want to lie down and watch something that soothes your senses. If my sometimes is your right now, then Candy Boy might be the anime for you.

Yukino and Kanade are twin sisters, bestfriends and roomates. As their peaceful highschool life continues with not many ups or downs, underclassman Sakuya Kamiyama confesses to Yukino. This starts up a chain reaction which leads to Kanade expressing her feelings for her sister.

Yes, this is exactly what you´re expecting: A yuri-esque romance between twins. But fear not, even if the idea weirdens you out, Candy Boy does nothing explicit or too anime (a.k.a dirty jokes and fanservice) and, in all honesty, is actually pretty heartwarming in both the romance aspect and the family aspect. It sounds weird. I know. But trust me on this one guys.

The interesting thing is that the world of Candy Boy treats their relationship as if sisters in love were normal, the sisters don´t experience any hardships, but for a 7 episode 15-minute series, it´s to be expected for there to be no real conflict. Still, this may be a good thing, because you aren´t watching this for the hearbreaking tragedy, but for the calm, well-animated, sophisticated cuteness.

This is the main reason why I didn´t want to watch Candy Boy for a long while: I thought it´d be dramatic. And while it´s far from the best anime I have ever seen, it´s definitely an anime worth recommending, especially if you´re feeling lazy on a Summer afternoon and don´t feel like commiting to a longer show, cheers.


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