Hipster Recommendations #16: The Garden Of Words.


One thing´s for sure, you´re never going to see any animated film more beautiful than this – or so I say with ever new film the one and only Makoto Shinkai releases; slow, tender and gobsmackingly gorgeous, The  Garden Of Words reminds animation fans just why we love animation.

The Garden Of Words is not a night of clubbing, The Garden Of Words is not an evening of gaming with friends, The Garden Of Words isn´t even a walk in the park – The Garden Of Words is a rainy, lazy afternoon with a good ol´ book and melancholic thoughts, The Garden Of Words is something only Makoto Shinkai can properly pull off without dragging itself in its own non existent pace.

The Garden Of Words tells the story of a boy who just really wants to make shoes, and one day meets a woman under the raining skies. That´s it.

This film is slow film – it´s literally just a fragment out of someones life, and that´s exactly what it feels like while still having something magical about it.

In a medium filled with shouting, rudeness and difficult symbolism a movie like this is appreciated. So, do you feel like being tranquil? want to slow down for a an hour and x minutes? want to experience something you won´t experience in any other film? If yes, Garden Of Words is honestly your best bet. Add some points if you´re interested in animation.



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Hipster Recommendations #16: The Garden Of Words., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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