Hipster Recommendations #15: The Flowers Of Evil.


Have you ever seen a psychological horror anime? I know I haven´t before I watched The Flowers Of Evil, – Forget your dear edgy Mirai Nikki´s, heck, forget Death Parade, and forget Ergo Proxy, those shows aren´t psychological horror, they aren´t even psychological, or horror, they´re just drama with human emotions. But really, have you seen an actual psychological horror series? A series comparable to the Satoshi Kon movies? A series so depressing and haunting, you feel about 10% more nihilistic and hopeless that before? Because if not, now´s the time.

Now, I have talked about the new member of my all time favourite anime list before, so if you want an in-depth analysis of this show and its themes, there you have it. Nah, reader, in this post I´m just going to talk about why you should watch it, and who should watch it.

Aku No Hana, or the Flowers of Evil came out in 2013, and upon its premiere, it was met immediatly met with controversy, why? Fuck, you know why. The rotoscoping. I´m sure the fanboys and fangirls were anticipating cute looking girls instead of ugly-fied normal people, but personally, I liked it a lot. It added to the human, to the ugly side of the world, one way or another, I thought it fitted.

Aku No Hana isn´t the most optimistic flower of the anime garden, it´s depressing, really depressing, depressing to the point that naturally optimistic people feel like everything is disgusting for those 24 minutes, it does this by being real.

Again, I have talked about all this in the afromentioned post, so I won´t dwell on it for too long, anyways, clearly, Aku No Hana isn´t for everyone.

It´s slow. The rotoscoping might put some off and once again, it´s fucking depressing, so don´t come here expecting the second coming of Ouran Highschool Host Club, and expect more of a Perfect Blue, just more teenager-y and yes, even more depressing.

So, if you want to be charmed in the dirtiest way, Aku No Hana and its manga are the thing you´re looking for. It´s one of my all time favourites, and it doesn´t deserve the hate just for its artstyle, c´mon.


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  1. Well, i thougth i was the only one that rly liked aku no hana’s anime.

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