Hipster Recommendations #14: Aoi Bungaku.


Aoi Bungaku is a heavy series, at least. Adapting 6 classic Japanese literature masterpieces isn´t an easy task by a long shot, but somehow, Madhouse did it. Enter the world of lust, egoism, suicide and of course, love.

I´m not sure why this series isn´t more popular than it is, some people on the interwebs describe it as a ´cult hit´, but I´d rather say it´s a cult hit within a cult. Aoi Bungaku is an extremely interesting series with interesting ideas, symbolism and directorial choices, it´s without a doubt one of the better anime I´ve  ever seen, and maybe if we saw more episodes of the same characters, it could´ve been one of my all time favourites.

But all of that is secondary, because regardless, the six stories in Aoi Bungaku are excecuted masterfully, my personal favourite being Sakura No Mori, with both No Longer Human and Run, Melos! standing right behind it.

As for who should watch this, I think it really depends on your mood and attention span, No Longer Human especially is strangely slow, which is just fitting, but might be a little too much for people that are used to the usual quick and satisfying series we see season after season . It´s not for everyone or anyone, so you be the judge.

Why you should watch it should be obvious, anime like Aoi Bungaku just don´t get made anymore, man,  this is a competent piece of fiction that not enough people have given the chance despite the fact quite a few people know about it. If you like series about human drama and feel like getting a little depressed, Aoi Bungaku is the show you should be watching.


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