Hipster Recommendations #13: Kamisama No Memochou.


I watched Kamisama No Memochou over the weekend, I wasn´t expecting a lot, and, if you look at the picture above, you may understand my feelings. I mean, a story about a tsundere loli? NEETS? What the hell is this? The fact that the first episode is literally 45 minutes didn´t help, do I really have time for a – probably – trashy, mediocre otaku-pandering show? That´s what I thought but, somehow, I watched it, and when the credits of said 45 minute episode rolled, I knew I was in for an emotional ride.

In reality, Kamisama No Memochou is a story that goes where most other anime are scared of going: Prostitution, drugs, suicide, if anything, this show comes close to my ideal anime. It´s one of a kind, it´s underrated, it´s amazing.

Narumi Fujushima is your ordinary highschool boy that doesn´t really relate with his peers. On one fated afternoon, classmate Ayaka Shinozaki invites him to join her one-man gardening club, afterwards, she drags him to a ramen shop, where he meets the members of the NEET detective agency (Including a gigolo, a gambler and a history otaku), run by master hacker Alice, quickly, he ends up entangled in the dark (and sometimes not-so-dark) world of murder, drugs, prostitution, suicide and, well, ramen.

Kamisama No Memochou comes close to my ideal anime. This became evident in the first episode, and was simply enhanced in the final drug arc, which is one of the most emotional and daring arcs that I have seen in any anime ever.

The production seemed to be scared, and threw a half-naked loli on the promo poster while promising fanservice and comedic hijinks. It has comedic hijinks, most of which would be completely unfunny if you didn´t establish a bond with the characters from the previous, better episodes. Sometimes, it´s generic, but it doesn´t have to be.

And hey, in the end, it really isn´t. Sure, Narumi is a generic loner mc and yeah, Alice is a generic tsundere loli, but somehow, it grows over that and, somehow, youlearn to love them.

Surely, the characters remain static through most of the series and yeah, some might say that apart from the last arc, Kamisama No Memochou is nothing but mediocre.

So, what is there to like?

It´s just really fucking good. While most of the cases are solved with someone saying something and another character (Either Narumi or Alice) going ´Aha! I get it.´, the execution is done masterfully. The music, especially a track called ´Teddy´ grabbed my shirt and forced me to get involved in the show. The animation, which is fluid. The characters, who are likeable, even if a bit generic. The story, which is sometimes meaningful, smart, even.

I can´t really pin-point or justify my love for this show, all I know is that it has made its way in my all time favourite anime list. Yup.

Also, spoilers.

There´s just something about a generic anime mc taking drugs and something about a happy-go-lucky anime girl commiting suicide that just gets to me. The ending made me cry. Teddy has been on repeat non-stop. This anime has broken my heart.


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