Hipster Recommendations #11: His And Her Circumstances.

307There was a time where not everything Gainax was an inherent trainwreck.

There was even a time – before the relevant people left to form Trigger – where their shows became instant classics, put together with so much love that the excitement you dripped all over the thing. Or maybe it was just their ridiculously low budget.

See here Neon Genesis Evangelion, FLCL, Gurren Laggan and ultimately, His And Her Circumstances. His And Her Circumstances – or KareKano – is a 26 episode shoujo that somehow mixes up all the afromentioned shows and puts them together in -my opinion -the best screwball romance to come out of anime.

Miyazawa Yukino is a striving perfeccionist, she puts on the facade of the flawless, kind and modest honor student for the hunger of praise and admiration, it has always worked, until a stranger named Arima Souchiro tops her in the exams. Naturally, Miyazawa won’t stand for this, and plans to take her revenge… until Arima confesses, and shortly afterwards finds out about her real arrogant personality. After learning eachother’s secrets and becoming more than friends, less than lovers, what trouble does this couple have to go through to finally break out of their perfect character and be themselves?


Why should you watch His And Her Circumstances:

If you’re thinking that His And Her Circumstances is a typical shoujo between two typical characters, you’re wrong.

If you think that Kare Kano is nothing more but 26 episodes of melodrama, you’re wrong.

If you think that their relationship is going to be shallow, you’re wrong.

If you thhink that Kare Kano is like anything you’ve ever seen before, oh man, are you wrong.

His And Her Circumstances is a show that deserves to be watched by everyone. Because let me tell you that I have yet to see any anime – not even shoujo – where they blend drama, comedy and romance as well as this one (Apart from maybe Nana)  and hardly ever do creators care enough for their characters to give them development and backstories, -to each and every one of them.- The parents? The siblings? The pervert bestfriend? The jealous girl? The bully? All of them. All of them.

And honestly, 26 episodes felt like 12, and of course Kare Kano isn’t the perfect anime, it isn’t perfect because there is no ending.

Oh, sure, the manga ends, the anime just literally leaves on in the middle of event in the most cockteasing episode of the entire show but still, I can’t even be mad, because I enjoyed Kare Kano and it’s energy so, so much.

If you haven’t seen Kare Kano yet or are put off (like I was) by the episode count or summary, I hope I’ve convinced you to give it a try. Trust me, it’s worth it.


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