Hipster Recomendations week 6; Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited, Hyoubu Kyosuke.

613096 “The truth is overated.” –Hyobu Kyosuke.

What if Black Lagoon and Black Butler had a child? I got an answer to chew on; Because I think that The Unlimited Hyoubu Kyosuke would make up for a good candidate.

I walked into this show without having any prior knowledge about it being a spin-off of a very dull looking, 50+ episode of a show that aired some time way back when I was still in diapers. (I think.)

And I gotta say, after marathoning this, um, bombastic piece of anime, I felt a little interested in it´s mother story; Zettai Karen Children.

Enter Zettai Karen Children, The unlimited, Hyoubu Kyosuke, a story about badasses, ESPERs, and badasses.

Kyousuke Hyobu (The cutie with the white hair) is a powerful, Izaya-like ESPer who was betrayed by his loved ones many many years ago. In present day and after some tragedies,  Kyousuke made it his mission to protect and save the ESPers that are mistreated and discriminated by the humans; One of them is Andy, an ESPer who, at first disagrees with Kyousuke’s beliefs, but after being saved by him and after being welcomed in the PANDRA, Andy begins to understand why the ESPers look up to him the way they do.

Who should watch Hyobu Kyousuke The Unlimited?

If I had to put The Unlimited in some kind of category, I would probably put it in the same field of Karneval kinda? While the Unlimited has alot more substance and has more to say than Karneval, you shouldn´t expect something huge and unforgettable. It´s a quick, anime fix and marathon material, a good one at that, though.

Why should you watch The Unlimited?

As I said before, it´s good marathon material; It has nice action, nice characters and a pleasant dynamic. It´s a fun watch, basically, and sometimes, that´s all you really need; Not as complicated as Experiment Lain and not as ridiculous as Black Butler.


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Hipster Recomendations week 6; Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited, Hyoubu Kyosuke., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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