Hipster Recommendations #21: Doukyuusei.


BL nay-sayers can no longer say that the genre is nothing but problematic.

A boy met a boy. They were in the flush of youth. Their love felt like a dream, like sparkling soda pop.

Doukyuusei has done many things right, but the best thing it has done is shut down the anime BL nay-sayers and mellow down Junjou Romantica’s damage. And man, has it done a lot of that.

Doukyusei is an anime movie which is rottingly sweet but not so much that it comes off as corny and unrealistic. At least, not when put next to every other shonen-ai or straight up yaoi anime that we have had up till now. From Junjou Romantica’s misadventures of sex without consent (read: probably statuatory rape. Not sure how old the kid is)  and Super Lover’s fantastic job of creeping out exactly everyone with a little bit of common sense (read: definitely statuatory sexual harrassment) no, in relation to those shows and the lesser problematic (but still woefully plastic) Love Stage, Doukyuusei is a ripped page of the summer season, tranquil with gorgeous visuals reminiscent of This Boy is A Mermaid.

Which is really just what it is. It’s a little bit naturalistic and a little bit fluffy. It’s about awkward first times and about how the most simple feelings can be so complex and difficult to deal with. The most important thing it has done, then, is not just break most stereotypes its big-handed, big-eyed, broad-shouldered barely consensual smutty genre counterparts have set, but is instead a story of two people falling in love in their youth.

Which is the best thing it could have done – because it’s not just a good BL movie about two guys, but is a good romance movie about two people, period, even if it isn’t the deepest puddle on the street.


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