Hamatora Gets Second Season + Film.


The staff of Re:_Hamatora announced that a third television sequel and a movie is currently in production featuring super-deformed versions of the characters. While the first season was produced by NAZ, the second, slightly less catastrophical season was produced by Lerche and directed by the dude responsible for Psycho-Pass 2, great, right?

All I´m wondering is why, why should this get a second season – and a movie to boot? Is it the manga? the musicals? the videogames? Whatever it is, it´s definitely not the anime, where both seasons averaged to about 500 copies per volume, so really, why?

As for what I think of the show, well, it´s awright, sometimes entertaining, but mostly boring and hecka pretentious aswell as annoying. But, hey, I´ll check it out, even if I´m salty about other series not getting the time of day for a second season, let alone a third one.


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Hamatora Gets Second Season + Film., 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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