Gunbuster Has New Anime in the Works – Will Probably Not Be Called Brokebuster.

Any ‘get in the robot’ or Hideaki Anno jokes will be banned, blocked and blacklisted from the Gainax building.

Connichi – the biggest anime event in Germany which gets like, twenty thousand visitors in it’s three day span – has announced that Gainax childhood sweetheart Gunbuster is getting a third installment  – almost thirty years after its debut in 1988.

What it is.

In case you are unfamiliar with what Gunbuster is, its existence is more symbolic than it is anything else. It was the directorial debut of the one and only Hideaki Anno, so if Gunbuster didn’t exist, then neither would Neon Genesis Evangelion, and by default the anime spectrum would look a lot more different than it is now. If just for the memes.

It counts six episodes and on the 20th anniversary of Gainax they released a sequel set in the very far future titled Gunbuster, which was either amazing or terrible, depending on who you ask. Personally I’ve only watched the first season and it was yuritastically fantastic.

What it means.

Funny thing is that this time around Gunbuster will again play a symbolic role. for the studio.

Gainax has been laying low after receiving various blows – from Hideaki Anno forming his own studio to other key members creating Trigger, the house with notorious classics on its name had been left dry and beaten up, creating little shows here and there but nothing near as impactful as their shows in their prime time.

Selling off FLCL to Production I.G and being nothing but a helping hand in the animation of the Evangelion Rebuild movies, it begs the question if this is their last chance to get back in the game. In case it is, I wonder if they’re holding it with claws or praying desperately hoping it will – somehow – work out for them.

The creative industry is a rotation, talent comes and goes. The question is whether or not any talent can fill up the shoes Anno or Imaishi left in Gainax. Or maybe that’s not the point and maybe they’ll leave new footprints instead.

Enough with the extra vagueness though – from Gunbuster to Diebuster, does anybody call dibs on what the new installment will be called? Brokebuster? Livebuster? Triggeredbuster? We tried it by Buster? co-founder Hiroyuki Yamaga is attached to the production.


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Gunbuster Has New Anime in the Works - Will Probably Not Be Called Brokebuster., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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