God Damnit, Not Another Spring 2014 Preview Post!

SHAFTsavingtheindustryoneanimeatatimeSo I’ve been smelling like a mini-bar since yesterday night, my excuse being that, ”Fuck it, it’s holidays!” And because of that I haven’t been getting a lot of inspiration to write; But I’m here now, and while I planned to do this thing a week before the Spring season started, I thought to myself, why not?

So that’s that. I don’t think I’m wrong to assume that the hype monster of the season are Mekaku City Actors, Captain Earth and Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei; Of course I will watch them all.

Personally I think Mekaku will be the second coming of Christ or it will save anime. Either is plausible because, c’mon, it’s SHAFT.

As for Captain Earth, I’ve recently finished Star Driver, and while I think it was a little (hence a little) above average, people are expecting it to be moons better than the afromentioned fabulous mecha show, not that that’s too hard to achieve, but whatever.

mahouka-koukou-no-rettousei-full-1118467 And meanwhile I watch those two shows out of genuine interest and anticipation, I’m interested in Mahouka for all the wrong reasons; Oh MADHOUSE has your golden age gone to hell?

The only thing Mahouka has going for it is the potential incest and the curiousity of seeing how hard Madhouse is gonna bomb; ‘Cause I expect the second Magical Walfare if not worse. That’s right, worse than Magical Walfare.

On another note, I’m so totally hyped about Isshukan Friends as I anticipate the tears (and not just because I’m graduating!) and feels I will be shot with this season. We’ve been lacking sensible shows, and I feel that this will be the thing I need in a season full of harem bullshit.

Speaking of which; No Game No Life! and Kanojo Ga Flag are going to be a thing. I can’t say I’m interested but I might take a look at the first episode. Again, what are you doing, Madhouse?

black-bulletApart from Mekaku City Actors and Isshukan Friends, I’m so, so, so hyped about Black Bullet, I mean, can we please take a minute out of our lives to watch this amazing pv? I mean, dat music!

So I’ll be anticipating that; and while I would love to tell you about how excited I am about Soul Eater Not!, I’m just not (haha) excited about it. At all.

Reasons? Well, first of I want a Soul Eater:Brotherhood ’cause the second half of the show was absolute shit. And secondly, the one thing that made it absolute shit was the female cast. Jesus Christ, I’ve never seen a more hateable bunch of tits in a single shows; And seeing that Soul Eater Not! is composed out of only females, well, I’ll be damned.

Haikyuu!!.full.1229893  On an entirely different note, we don’t get only one, not even two, but three sports shows this season!

First there is Baby Steps, the anime I’m least excited about from the bunch; Looking bland and uniteresting, they tackle a sport that only works in Death Note: Tennis.

Whatever, I’ll check it out.

And then there is Pingpong the Animation that, gasp! talks about Pingpong!

As uninteresting as it sounds; I’m sure 90% of the viewers go in with the knowledge of the fact that this is by the people behind Tatami Galaxy, are you feeling the hype already?

…And then there is fujoshi-fueled Haikyuu… which I couldn’t care less about if it weren’t for Tumblr shoving it down my throat claiming it’s the second coming of Christ (or should I say third?). I mean, Kuroko no Basket is ending this season and of course we can’t stay away from sweating bishies for too long, right? Besides, I’m a lover of volleyball so there. I expect nothing but entertainment and shonen nakama talk.

AtelierEschaLogy-CropAs for the darkhorses of the season, I’m expecting great things of the the afromentioned Black Bullet, Atelier Escha & Logy (Which is either gonna bomb or be beyond awesome. There is no inbetween) and Sidonia No Kishi which looks pretty neat even if it seems that the community has collectively decided not to give a fuck about these shows. Whatever.

Speaking of waiting, we got ourselves another Shoujo anime that, surprisingly, I don’t really care about because it’s also an adventure show.

Still, I’m obligated to give Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii a try, aswell as Kamigami No Asobi. Diabolik Lovers is so bad it’s good, so I hope Kamigami will do the same for my weekly dosis of laughs, same goes to Elfen Lied’s creators newest creation, Gokukoku no Brynhildr in which they could clearly not go for an easier name to pronounce; I hope it will be awesome, but from the previews I’m expecint it to get dumbed down to a prententious excuse of a plot where they’re so insecure about their writing abilities they use every second they can to show off some female asset.

In the end, Spring is looking out to be a good season; Even with it’s haremmoeedgypretentious shows that make anime what it is. Oh well.


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  1. I think it’s actually 4 sports shows if you count the sumo show that’s replacing Saint Seiya. Which is the only one of the four I’m legit looking forward to at this point.

    I’m watching Captain Earth less because of who’s making it and more because I want to give more modern mecha a try. I’m still waiting for one that just pitches straight fastballs and goes with the hero of justice/brave model that hasn’t really happened recently. Sidonia isn’t going to be that kind of robot show, but it offers a chance for a second 3DCG show to hit it big after Ars Nova, and seems from the trailer to have the visual smarts to make up for the weaknesses of that style of animation.

    Imho, Madhouse has always been significantly overrated in that they got most of their reputation making cutpaste adaptations of some of the most visually savvy manga out there. And they wouldn’t have been able to make those if not for NTV’s Tuesday timeslot, which picked and financed their stuff for years even before they got bought out. The only things the studio might deserve real credit for are Kazuo Koike and Masaki Yuasa.

    That said, I’ve got nonzero expectations for Mahouka because it comes from source material popular enough to guarantee it a top-flight budget. Good budget is an advantage, though it’s one a lot of shows squander.

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