Gangsta Episode 1 Thoughts – Totally Not Black Lagoon.


I´m not trying to be smart or something, I´m just sick of people commenting on this episode with nothing more but “shit, it has guns, prostitutes and mafia, t´is gotta be Black Lagoon!” – It´d be touché to say this season started of with a bang, but damn it, if Gangsta isn´t the banger of the season (and maybe the year), I´d be morbidly surprised.

The first episode of Gangsta. just did something to me, y´know – I already hyped this series up in all my posts, predicting it´ll be my favourite of the whole entire season, now I think I´m convinced, because I doubt this will lose steam, it´s just a feeling I have, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I had to pause the episode every few minutes to go “yaass yaas YAASSS” over everything that was happening.

Gangsta. seems to be tailored made for people like me – I´m definitely not an edgelord who watches shows just because it has tits and blood, and if you´ve read a few posts of mine you´d know how much I hate senseless, cliché violence in my animu, but Gangsta. has something more adult to it, something more playful, a bit more serious yet chill – one of the main characters is deaf, for God´s sake.

Sure, it might remind you of Black Lagoon, and let me tell ya, Black Lagoon is one of my all time favourites – but it´s just not fair for that to be the only thing people have to say about Gangsta., and it´s not like it has a giant neon board on it´s cover saying “we really love Black Lagoon so we´ve copy and pasted everything that made it good but turn it to shit by adding anime tropes” a lá Jormungand, which is a show that made me very salty – I suspect this will be incredibly underrated, but fuck, it´ll definitely be one of, if not my favourite anime of the season, a season that couldn´t have started any better. I read a few chapters of the manga. Good stuff. My only worry is the fact that the manga hasn´t ended.

Furthermore, I´d like to say I´ll comment on this week after week, but let´s be real – I probably won´t. Now I´ll go watch Game of Lapdance Laplace. Cheers.

If you give a shit ( I wouldn´t) I just started using Twitter, so if you want to hear (or read more like) my uncensored, tumblr-y on the rush thoughts on shows, here it is and maybe we can fanboy or fangirl together, it´s a lonely life:


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