Game Of Laplace Episode 1 Thoughts – It´s A Trap.


I honestly didn´t expect anything good from Game of Lapdance Laplace – the studio is mediocre, the director boring, the trailer nothing special and the character designs typical, the only thing it had going for it is the fact that it´s adapted from a novel which is about 50 years old, and an opening that has the greatest lyrics I´ve seen in any anime so far.

Game of Lapdance Laplace will either be the darkhorse of the season or  the most dissapointing anime to come out this season – there is no inbetween, because the first episode alone showed us the best and worst of both worlds.

Apart from the opening which had me hypnotized, the characters are all pretty much cliché, and the neko teacher felt morbidly out of place for a show with a mysterious air, but then it also shows us symbolism, cool characters and an interesting premise – in any case, to say that the first episode caught me by surprise is an understatement, I expected this to be a cheap urban mystery, but instead I get something that, I daresay, reminds me of Psycho Pass, and a bit of Assassination Classroom, though the latter might just be because of the character designs.

I honestly don´t know what to expect, but the two main characters (poundshop Nagisa and poundshop Izaya Orihara) are both interesting enough for me to be carefully optimistic about the future of this show – hopefully we´ll get something a lá Liars Game, and not something like Hamatora, which is the only other series Lerche and the director have done.

Furthermore, kudos to whoever wrote the lyrics for the opening, and to whoever decided to make the main character a boy instead of a girl – I´m not sure if it´s a trap or a smart way of making the interactions between him and the class president a little less gay. Whatever man, whatever. I´ll follow this.

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