Full Metal Panic ! Gets Fourth Season.

full metal panic

You guessed it, it’s not by Kyoani. Or any of the original staff. Though the original author is doing the composition – so that’s cool.

To be perfectly real with you, the promotional art, as you can see here, is pretty damn terrible, but I’d digress.

At the Fantasia Bunko event on Saturday it was announced that Full Metal Panic is getting its fourth season in fourteen years, this time produced by studio XEBEC, while Planetarian director Katsuichi Nakayama is on it, and original author Shoji Gotoh is handling the series composition set to air in the fall season of 2017.

With that said, a fourth season of Fullmetal Panic has been teased for a long time, but it’s still surreal to see it coming to life. Though, the hype died down a little bit at the announcement that any studio that’s not Kyoani is doing it –  I wouldn’t be surprised if this comes around and nobody is going to be talking about it.

Either way, I personally couldn’t really care less – I watched The Third Raid as the fake fan that I am and that’s the furthest I’ve gone in the sea of Full Metal Panic which is apparently cherished by every anime fan who’s now in in college or like, dropped out of college. It’s funny, really, to see it this way, because Full Metal Panic isn’t exactly a standout classic a la Cowboy Bebop, but still has a place in the heart of the people of that watched it at that time.

Will there be an anime comeback a decade from now on of which the new fans won’t care, but us who watched it grow will? I’m curious to see where this goes and, meanwhile, I’ll appreciate blast-from-the-past spurt that is happening lately. They could answer my prayers and reboot Pandora Hearts now, right?


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