Free! Eternal Summer 2nd Trailer & The Hype That Just Doesn’t Stop.

It is difficult to write about Free! without freaking out. This trailer doesn’t help.

With the actual series being slated for July 2nd, the hype over the most-definitely dramatic, comedic and fujoshi-pandering second season shows no sign of stopping. This previewtrailer also provides some sort of insight in what season 2 is going to be. We have Sosuke who plays the Rin of the first season and the coming-of-age aspect which, I think, will be the focus and couldn’t be more excited about.

Being in a similar situation, Rin’s “This is our last chance.” struck a chord within me, I don’t even know why. The new opening song “Dried Up Youthful Fame” by OLDCODEX is nothing but reminiscent of the banging first season’s OP. All in all, I’m sure the entire fandom can’t wait any longer for July to come.


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