Fanservice & Anime; Is It Really As Bad As We Believe It Is?

umThere are two types of Fanservice; Classy fanservice and degrading in-your-face fanservice. The picture on the right belongs to the latter category.

By no means do I think that fanservice=bad, a great example would be the Monogatari series, and most recently, call me crazy but Kill la Kill even.

Of course I can’t condone the series that are classified exclusively as “ecchi”, so maybe my hatred for “Eiken” has no reasonable basis. Still, my point stands.

But there are some people – with their good reasons and bad reasons – that decide that fanservice = sexualization of whatever gender is getting sexualized = Degradation of the gender and simply sexist andor offensive.

Pretentious? Maybe. Interesting? Very.

free-episode-4-pic-1Definition of the word “sexism” by Oxford:

prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.

 I think we can all agree with this definition, right? Good, because all the points I’m about to make about fanservice -be it fanservice using females or males alike- are linked to the “oficial” definition.

Of course fanservice goes further than the ecchi kind of fanservice, but seeing that this is the most complained about kind of fanservice, I’ll just be talking about this. But really, what is there to talk about?

We’re all familiar, right? Big tits, big ass and maybe nice eyes. Add some skimpy outfit and there ya go, bait for the men. But is this really as bad as we women think?

Feminism defends the idea that women can use their body to their advantage, but their body alone should not define their intelectual capabilities.

Hey, maybe it’s just me but Ryoko from Kimonogatari-1-36-senjougahara-cleavagell la Kill is both a resident badass and a hot babe. Same goes for the people from Black Lagoon, same goes for Panty and Stocking, same goes for C2, and Momoi, and especially Senjougahara who wraps her boyfriend around her finger with both her body and mind.

Fanservice, when done right, seems more like a celebration that women have their assets that men flaunt over, in short; Men seem kinda dumb in comparison.

My mother always told me that there is nothing wrong with showing off your body, if you have a nice one, why hide it?

To me, it’s characters like Yui from Diabolik Lovers, and Sakura from Naruto that are the real offensive and degrading characters for women as a whole, because them seemingly can’t do anything without their boyfriend.

Of course, there are women like this, but I’d be damned if you disregard everyone like a dependant, child-like woman whose only purpose is to sit home and please you. In comparison to that, isn’t Senjougahara a much better model?

Of course, Manservice is a thing too. But the exact same rules goes for them. If you have the body, flaunt it, the viewer will probably love it if you don’t get in the way. If you are there because the show is marketed as such, please, more skin.

Of course, fanservice shouldn’t get in the way of the show’s overal quality out of fear that people will get bored of a good plot; But, in my opinion, if the fanservice is good, you won’t even notice it, and aslong as the person involved isn’t dumbed down to hisher assets, it shouldn’t be offensive at all.


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