Everything Else Of Fall Anime – From Drifters to Gakuen Handsome.

fall anime

When I said I was going to watch the first episode of absolutely everything of the fall anime season, I was not kidding. 

Gakuen Handsome


I played myself with this show, because I thought the OVA was the actual episode, and then I realized it was something old, and that the actual Fall 2016 short was airing later. Whatever, man. The OVA is stupid and the shorts are stupid-er but not even in a funny stupid way. It’s little boy humor – which is funny seeing that it is supposed to be yaoi. Either way. This is why I hate anime. I wanted to like it. I didn’t like it at all. If you expected them to make fun of the yaoi genre, you won’t get it, Kiss Him Not Me is doing a much better job at it.


Girlish Number


When Reddit described this as a ’cynical Shirobako’, I was intrigued. After pressing the play button, I was waiting for it – then I was waiting some more, and I was still waiting, and in the middle of the episode, it got to me.

If Shirobako is a love letter to anime and anime fans alike, then Girlish Number is a Drake diss track to it. Our protagonists are college age or older (they don’t look the part, whatever, gotta get those figurine sales up, right guys?) and the show has no problem in telling us what unlikable assholes they are at times. I liked it – it took me half an episode to get there, but it got there. If I were the director, I would have made it more obvious from the beginning what the gimmick of the show is, because this will loose a lot of potential viewers this way. Either way, if you liked Shirobako, I recommend you give this one a shot.




Classicaloid is Sunrise’s Fall season entry, and if you have one more spot left for a seasonal anime in your super important, super full schedule then this might be the fluffy, colourful and aesthetically pleasing addition you want to incorporate. I was hoping for an anime version of Midnight in Paris but instead got something reminiscent of childhood cartoons mixed cardboard cut-out style animation, but not in a cheap way. The characters are heavily overlined and the backgrounds don’t move at all. Whether you miss or hit it doesn’t really matter, but it’s a valiant effort from a studio many have already proclaimed as dead.



The opening song gave me a seizure and I didn’t know that was possible. It’s the one night stand between Monochrome Girl, Kyubei from Madoka Magica and suburban white Facebook mom looking for a fun man who doesn’t smoke and will spend time with the kids in the south of Spain, young of heart and always looking for an adventure !




This is not why I hate anime. But I was too high and tired to really know what I was watching or comprehending what the fuck was going on. I think I liked it despite being anti-anything that’s too full of testosterone. You know, Hellsing is a certified classic, and as it’s done by the same creator, I expected the same kind of buzz I got from it years and years ago. I don’t know what it’s like sober, but Drifters was something else when I was not. I need to rewatch it for an actual opinion, and to figure out whether there’s time traveling or not. And to make sure I didn’t imagine twink elves, and to rewatch all the unnecessary blood spilling there was.




I mean, it could have been worse, right? Right guys? Right?


Soushin Shoujo Matoi


On track fourteen of the magical girl train on the highway to no way, destination: figure sales and dodgy hentai doujinshi shops, we have Soushin Shoujo Matoi which deserves better. The gimmick of this show? five wonderful minutes of English in the beginning of the episode.

This looks pretty good and nice and sweet but I’m just not into these type of shows, but if you like fluff and pretty aesthetics or if you want to watch something with your seven year old little sister, this might be the show for you, but not for me. Nor is it for my sister.

All Out !!!


Check your tall guy privilege, kids, Madhouse is here to stand up for all angry prepubescent anime characters with bad hair and worse eyebrows ! the only redeemable factor of All Out !! episode one was our adorable giant, and that’s just because I’m softie for characters like that. Unfortunately, our little guy ruins it all by dealing with his problems by literally hauling at anything, anywhere, at any given time. Madhouse has taken its first loss in my books this year, and I hope our adorable giant can get transferred to Kiss Him Not Me, instead. Sports anime are starting to get triggering.


Brave Witches


Traumatized and amputated cute anime neko girls who were victims of abuse get the chance to get robotized prosthetics in order to fight for their nation in a war against giant mechas. What they didn’t know is that they also agreed to a slave contract which will kill them whenever the higher-ups want, giving us an exhilarating drama show which will wrench your heart and gut like no other.

Just kidding. It’s fucking weird.

Touken Ranbu, Stella no Mahou, Flip Flappers and everything else I haven’t covered


I’ve had enough y’all. I’ve done my best in trying to watch it all. That mask wrestling anime seems ok. Touken Ranbu seems bad. Stella no Mahou made me want to commit. Flip Flappers is pretty ok. I’m definitely watching a staggering number of four shows this season: Yuri on Ice, Keijo, Kiss Him Not Me, Fune wo Amu, and will try to keep up with Drifters, Ping Pong Girls, Hibike Euphonium 2, Girlish Number, Nanbaka, Occultic Nine, Magical Girl Training Project, Izetta and still have to check out 3 gatsu no Lion, but I know I’ll like it. What does your anime week look like?



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