DRAMAtical Murder TV Anime CONFIRMED!

23Durarara 2nd Season, Kuroshitsuji 3rd season, Free! 2nd season, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Movie, Love Stage! anime announcement, Ao Haru Ride annoucement and the comeback of Sailor Moon; The year 2014 has today left my mouth hanging and my mind surprised.

That’s right, Summer will be the season of BL, alright. Remember my earlier post where I said that this year is all about the LGBT and that yaoi will take the stick from yuri in the latter half of the year? Well there you have it.

I’m ready. I’m so God damn ready.

And while a trailer has been posted, I, for some god forsaken reason can’t watch it. Whatever.

Alright, so DRAMAtical murder is actually the first ever Visual Novel I have ever played, and while enjoyed myself, I always thought that it would be so much better as an anime; But now that’s it’s here well… I’m afraid they might butcher it. Or turn it into a second Togainu No Chi.

Still, the director worked on The End of Evangelion which I guess is just suitable for some of the more, eh, fucked up scenes we know DRAMAtical Murder has.

Personally I would have preffered it if it would have been an OVA instead of a TV show, but I guess I should’t complain; NAZ (Their only show actually being Hamatora) Is responsible for the animation, which, in the images looks pretty neat.

But who actually cares; It’s yaoi, it’s gore, it’s gay and it’s anime.

So re-fucking-joice. This is amazing and 2014 is awesome. Cheers.

(UPDATE: Just saw the PV on Youtube here; The animation looks pretty basic but the designs are nice. The second song sounds like something my grandma would listen to on her birthday. Getting serious Togainu vibes but I’ll keep faith.)


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