DRAMAtical Murder Staff Apologizes For Low Quality Of Episode 3.

His face says it all.
His face says it all.

“To everyone who watched episode 3 on TV Tokyo, thank you very much. There were parts of tonight’s broadcast which were not intended by the production staff to be shown, due to various circumstances. The online version that will stream starting on July 26 (Saturday) is of a superior quality, and we are now working on retakes.” Says the official Twitter account of DRAMAtical Murder.

“Going forward, we are not just working on retakes for episode 3, but we are also improving the quality of episodes 1 and 2. Please continue to enjoy They continue.

Bullshit. I say.

I think it’s pretty impressive that NAZ, the studio responsible for this visual catasthrope has the guts to be so laid back on a widely popular franchise with a massive fanbase, hell, if no one would have said anything and just left satisfied with the 5 second of yaoi we got I bet they wouldn’t even feel bad.

Whatever, man, this episode just felt like a very bad Powerpoint presentation and I haven’t laughed as hard as I did watching episode 3 in a good while.

Think I’m exaggerating? Please:

178I feel like I’m watching a gay version of the Looney Tunes. Well. This is not that bad.

183Um, okay.


Hey! That face looks familiar!


Or nah?


These animators must really hate their jobs huh.

182This is just…wrong.


I don’t know why people are creaming their panties over this shit. It looks awkward.

And my personal favourite:


Ah yes, a flawless and accurate representation of the human anatomy. Thank you based NAZ.

This, awkward animation (I swear to god there was a 20 second stillframe and I just ????) inconsistent colouring and just overall derp-ness made me laugh harder than any comedy anime could hope to do.


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DRAMAtical Murder Staff Apologizes For Low Quality Of Episode 3. , 5.0 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
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