Doujinshi & Visual Novel Groups Suspended From Twitter.


Oyari Ashito, a notable doujin artist, has called attention to the removal of various doujin and Visual Novel circles on Twitter – which should just be expected, except that these circles didn´t post anything explicit. One of the groups who´s account got deleted is Fatal Pulse, known for their SWF Shirobako artwork, but who´s NSFW works might be the most mentally scarring things you´ve seen in your entire life – gore and machines included.

Given the fact that the content on the Twitter account weren´t  nearly as explicit as ejaculating on organs, it´s hard to understand why these artists got their account taken from them – in the worst case scenario, the loss of thousands of followers could lead to a loss of interest and following by the casual fans, one way or another, Fatal Pulse, Mikan Fuyuno and Eichi Mudou hope to get their accounts back asap.


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Doujinshi & Visual Novel Groups Suspended From Twitter., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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