Director Yamakan Says Anime Is Dead, Mentions Evangelion A Lot.


Yamakan is also known for getting fired from directing Lucky Star after four episodes and saying he’d retire if Fractale didn’t save anime. Hint: It didn’t.

He kind of talks like the overweight guy in your local cringey anime club who thinks he’s hot shit for knowing who Shinbo is. Except that Yamakan actually says something good once in a while, something localanimeguy.jpg has yet to achieve.

“Anime has steadily moved the opposite way from what I do,” Says Yutaka Yamamoto, otherwise known as Yamakan, before claiming that moe is becoming fascist for its unwritten rules. “Don’t show panties. Showing panties is in line with male desires, so let’s show them.”

It’s kind of funny how a man who was fired from directing Kyoani’s Lucky Star is ranting about moe as much as he is. What makes this story even better and more ironic than it already is that Yamakan also created Wake Up, Girls! not too long ago, and coined the term “saving anime” which has gone on to become a meme in the community. Kind of, perhaps, like Yamakan himself.

“An era ended when Yamazaki retired.” Yamakan continues the conversation, and Toshio Otako, also known as the “Otaking” agreed when Yamakan mentioned the envy he felt after watching Your Name, the only anime movie which  has earned more than ten billion yen that is not directed by the aforementioned Ghilbi director. “I felt like I still had friends while watching it.” He says.

After this, Yamakan and Okada talk about how they miss the anime they were used to seeing, like Nausicaa and the original Evangelion series – Okada, former Gainax staff, mocks the rebuild movies for their fixation om moe characters.

Finally, they praise the trend of anime which isn’t geared to sell merchandise like all the moe shows they ripped apart previously, and in Okadas case, dragged Gundam Reconguista and director Tomino for not knowing what the kids actually want, as you can see here.

Moreover, Okada is currently known as an otaku culture commentator and rants about it a lot on his Youtube channel, while Yamakan took a leave from the anime scene last year, still not having come back officially.

And so it happened again. The age old tale of old men sitting in a circle talking about how much anime sucks nowadays. It’s the typical fodder. Y’know, kind of like how trap music is the moe of the music genre. Kind of how shitty comic adaptations are killing original movies.

Anime has gone from being created by bonafied animation lovers to being created by otaku for otaku who don’t have a lot of hobbies apart from big tittie mouse pads and creating the next go-home-club anime hit. Yamazaki has said it, Yamakan and the hip youtuber Otaking mention it.

Thing is – they have a valid point. It’s funny to see people talk shit about the anime that gets released nowadays, what’s even funnier – to me – is the comments, the people who excitedly agree with these people and mention all the 80s and 90s classics we’ve all come to love or, at least, acknowledge and respect.

“They had Evangelion ! Ghost in the Shell ! Cowboy Bebop!” And they also had as much seasonal garbage as we have right now.

Ike! Ina-chuu Takkyuubu, Juusenshi Gulkeeva, Kyouryuu Boukenki Jura Tripper, Wedding Peach. These are all shows you don’t know. Shows that are trash, all shows from the spring season of 1995. You know what else debuted in 1995? Nurse Angel Ririka SOS, Virtual Fighter, Shinpi no Sekai El Hazard. 

You know what also debuted in 1995? Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Take a year. Any year. You’ll get a handful of good shows, a truck load of bullshit, and if you’re lucky, a show that’ll stand out even among the best. This year, perhaps, it’s One Punch Man. You see, it’s not the anime that changes, it’s the climate of the industry that does.

You can argue and say that the best from the past and the best from now have many differences – but that’s just your personal opinion.

The ways of anime, music and movies change. It needs to change to sustain that what you, I, the old guys who bitch about modern anime and the old and new directors love. Right now, a lot of anime are glorified advertisements. In a decade or less, it’ll change into something else.

So, Mr.Yamakan, just like how people don’t remember Jigoku Sensei Nube, Kidou Senkan Nadesico, Cutey Honey F and Macha Go Go in this point in time, in twenty years people also won’t remember the Bungou Stray Dogs, Orange and your very own show, Wake Up Girls.

Quality will last regardless of time. Whether it’s Evangelion or it’s Death Note – whichever you like best is purely personal, because little miracles don’t follow the rules of its time, just like it happens in every other medium of art.


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