Diabolik Lovers More, Blood Episode 1 Thoughts.


It´s problematic abusive assholes vs. problematic abusive assholes time again with Diabolik Lovers, but this time with more, blood!

No but forreal, that title made me squint several times at the screen -I mean, they threw grammatical corectness out of the window pretty much from the get-go, I guess “Diabolic Lovers” just doesn´t have a nice ring to it, so we´ll get married to inappropriate commas instead. As for the actual half-assed content of the show, well, if it doesn´t end in a massive gangbang then we´re all wasting our time.

Let´s not pretend we actually care for the quality of Diabolik Lovers More, Blood it´s everything the first season was with more charming (by which I mean next level fuckboys) androgynous vampire boys to abuse our precious (by which I mean next level Mary Sue) main character. It´s like they took all my ninth grade pretty boy drawings and made them look a little more proportional; crazy rainbow colours, edgy clothing and souless eyes included.

The episode itself starts out as pretentious as you would rightfully expect I mean, no one who´s not trashing the show sure as hell doesn´t like it for its deep and difficult plot or interesting message. There were apples, a tree and a guy with good hair calling her “Eve” I´m not religious, but I don think that the bible said anything about welldressed boys blaming a girl for literally everything…oh, wait.

After this dumb omnious scene, we find ourselves on a bed as three of the seven assholes jump on it and reintroduce themselves in case you forgot. There´s the shota creep, the Bitchchan guy and the fucker with the fedora after some moments of me expecting Diabolik Lovers to be the first femaleoriented hentai ever made (that I know of) we instead move on to a scene of the whole party in a car, which then explodes and I kind of hoped everyone but the girl would´ve crashed and burned and that would´ve been a nifty conclusion of throwing away the old trash and introducing the new cast.

Unfortunately though, they somehow flew out of the car, cue a 30 second faceoff between the two gangs of assholes and then a scene of Bitchchan getting chased by them. All in all, Diabolik Lovers is the same trash it has always been with more awkward character designs and a somewhat decent opening and aesthetics. 10 minutes is just enough for me not to regret spending aproximately two hours of my life on this show, which is more I can say than for most anime, so, hey.


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