Death Parade Theory & Predictions.


With episode 5 airing, I can say with certainity in a shocking revelation that surprises exactly nobody that Death Parade is my favourite anime of the season, with Durarara falling slightly behind it and everyone else gasping for air miles behind them, In all honesty, I´m really only enjoying six shows to their fullest this season.

Anyways, Death Parade episode 5, while not the most exciting episode of the series so far definitely did give me some food for thought about the future of the show, to be blunt, I suspect that the final couple for the finale of this show is going to be no other than Decim and Onna themselves.


I´m willing to bet 5 bucks that the ending of Death Parade is going to be nothing short of tragic or bittersweet for our main characters, Decim and Onna, I feel like this is hinted throughout this entire episode.

For one, Decim has only been there for 5 years, and of course he used to be human, right? So who was in charge of the bar before him? What happened to  that person? Did he get shifted to another job, or did he end up getting in touch with his humanity and thus couldn´t work there anymore? Did he  get sent to hell? Reincarnation? Something in between?

I don´t think there´s any more real depth to Onna´s reason of being there, she´s just a girl who may or may not have been related to Decim in her past life, and now just waltzed into this place by herself. This episode revealed that Decim could have very well judge her if he wanted to, but he chooses not to (To redheads discontent) because she´s still somewhat human, and he finds that interesting.


But so is he. Small hints from previous episodes show that. This brings me to my next point, the picture book of Onna´s dreams and the one Nona is reading. The basis on my next theory is going to be completely superficial and maybe a bit dumb, so bare with me.

Jimmy, the white-haired boy from the picture book is or at least represents Decim, our white haired bartender, the girl whose name is unknown is Onna, the girl whose name is also unknown to everyone including herself.

In the picture book we see Jimmy, a boy who just moved away and despite being surrounded by things, feels a bit lonely, suddenly, he spots a girl with a beautiful smile playing by herself outside, she reaches out to him, and Jimmy feels happy, even when he falls, the girl is enough to keep him on his feet, suddenly his life isn´t as lonely as it was, and he vows to tell her his feelings in the future.

In Quindecim, Decim has always been alone despite being surrounded by dolls, glasses and sometimes other people, he´s not unhappy, but when Onna waltzes into his life he feels a bit happier, his eyes open to more things and feels like he can´t judge her, so Nona agrees with him and hires her for some time.

The thing is, Onna has to be judged sooner or later right? Decim already went above and beyond by erasing her memories and taking her under his wing, I have no doubt that the storybook story is related to them and their relationship, the question is to what depth.

Interestingly, Decim and Nona are also the names of the Roman godesses that held the metaphorical threads of life and childbirth, together they form the Parcae, or the Fates. Nona was in charge of spinning the thread of life, Decim(a) measured the thread of life and Morta would cut the thread of life.

So, while I got kind of lost in the middle of this post, I really do believe that this series will end with Decim and Onna as a couple, maybe Decim will get in touch with his humanity, maybe they´ll fall in love, maybe Oculus will sense danger, maybe Nona will feel the need to get rid of Onna, who knows, but for now, as of episode 5, this is my theory, and if I were in charge of the story, this is how I would do it.  Regardless I have complete fate in this series hereforth.



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