Death Note Duo Come Back Together For New Manga.

63The iconic Death Note and Bakuman duo are back together to bring us Platinum End  A story about a human and an angel, set to preview its first few pages on October 5th.

This is probably manga history in the making. Sorta. Probably. Because Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata make for the best kind of wine and bread, or a thick milkshake and a hamburger they have learned the art of entertainment and suspense and they´re here to do it once again, is what I´m saying.

So while everyone and their mother has seen Death Note and probably read Bakuman, I wonder how Platinum End is gonna measure up to those titles, the pressure is probably overwhelming, but hey, I have faith.

Another thing I´ve noticed is that themain character will probably be a female, judging by the cover art it´d be quite the difference from their other two manga where girls are put in a bit of a dumb little houswife box. I´m curious how they´re gonna pull it off.


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