Dance With Devil Episode 1 Thoughts – Literally A Musical.


Trust me when I say I was up and ready to trash this show, expecting it to be just another Amnesia–cousin without the overbearing stupidity that makes elder brother Diabolik Lovers (No, seriously, they´re both by the same creators) so amusing to watch. But fuck, the second the orchestra music started I was snatched off my high horse back to Earth and this show had my jaw on the floor within the first three minutes. It´s different, at least.

This is half–musical, half–anime; we get three entire songs sung by our characters with lyrics that are literally made for broadway – and they´re good songs, the first three minutes pretty much knocked all other OSTs of the year out of the park without much effort, followed by a happy–go–lucky song of our heroine breaking out in a song about her normal, average life and that followed by a starkingly contrasting track sung by our male about how evil they are: I loved every second of it.

This is not your average reverse harem. Or at least it hasn´t started like your average reverse harem. I said so in my Fall preview post that this has the potential to set itself apart from the crowd if just for the director Ai Yoshimura, who previously directed Ao Haru Ride and has no experience with reverse harems, but definitely has experience with anime that make girls squeal; random Kuroshitsuji and Gintama episodes prove this.

I´m not saying this is best anime of the season. Because it`s probably not. But for a genre so saturated with bullshit it´s refreshing to see someone care enough to put in good animation, amazing music, something like an actual plot and a heroine who is not a shell of nothing in these type of series.

The heroine actually talks! actually has personality! actually calls the police rather than jump in and offer her body for her mothers life! fuck, is this real?

I don´t know how they did it, but I´m clapping my hands for Brains Base, because they somehow made it work. So despite the handsome metrosexual staring his opponents into submission, this is definitely some next level shit compared to the likes of Amnesia and Diabolik Lovers. I´m impressed.

I´ll definitely keep watching.


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