Dagashi Kashi Episode 1 Thoughts; This Isn´t Supposed To Be This Chill.


I hate to say I´m wrong, but I won´t be a hardass about admitting it – In my Winter preview post, I said this this was going to be just another faux rom–com with a an annoying quirky female lead to captain the anime into success for a certain part of the Japanese audience to buy all the nendoroids and overpriced limited edition dakimakuras to their hearts desire; going in ready to tear the fuck out of the show or get teary–eyed myself from yawning too much, I´m here to tell all you cynical watchers that, damn, it´s actually pretty good.

Perhaps “good” isn´t the right word to use here since it typically gets linked to a good story that has a start and a finish, I think Erased might be that kind of “good”, the kind of “good” that´s just a satisfying piece of fiction rather than the pandering hell of seasonal anime type of “good”. This definitely fits into the latter pandering hell, but I dare say it´s in the same category as the likes of Oreimo, which means you might burn this to hell and back or have it as your dirty little secret. Dagashi Kashi isn´t nearly as eyebrow–raising and controversial, though.

I feel like this is misplaced in the Winter season, or at least it sent me to the Summer season while I was covered in blankets and surrounded by pillows – Dagashi Kashi might just be top three worthy of the season for me, so far.

Of course it just struck a chord in me, and while taking lazy notes on my phone while  watching this I threw it away mid–episode because I just felt so…so good? watching it. The main female character (Hotaru?) is best girl, the other female character (Sayu?) is just as great – I think I was surprised because I expected a lot of ecchi and dumbass, thick–headed characters. There is none of that. Or no ecchi, at least.

If you want to get critical, the character designs are ugly, but it´s a good kind of ugly, even though the dirty rough lines on the MC in the beginning threw me off a bit, it´s clearly conscious since the female characters look clean and quirky, like a more up–to–date version of the Jitsu wa Watashi wa cast and, well, prettier and more dakimakura worthy.

I think we can pretty much say “culinary anime” is a new genre and phenomenon in the medium. Shokugeki no Soumas and Koufuki Graffitis aside, the scene where our characters just stand there and discuss what the most extravagant way of eating this one snack is gave me war flashbacks to the first Lucky Star episode everyone and their mother has seen.

Even so, I didn´t think candy and coffee would be the ingredients to a fun show.

What I want to say is you guys should try it out, it might surprise you, because it definitely surprised me. It´s chill, I lowkey wanted to click the next episode just to realize there is no next episode yet. Even with a show like Erased in the same season, none of them except this one made me sad that there isn´t any more of it. People who hyped this up, I´m sorry, it´s lit. Hotaru is the bae. Sayu is adorable.

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