D.Gray-Man Gets New Anime Adaptation.

In some (un)surprising news, Shueisha has announced at the Jump Festa event on Sunday that the already eleven year old manga is getting a new TV series set to air in 2016, aswell as announcing the voice cast change, Ayumu Murase replacing Sanae Kobayashi for Allen Walker and Shinnosuke Tachibana replacing Daisuke Kishio for the role of Howard.

On the off chance they are actually remaking the entire series, I´m stoked; I don´t like fantasy, at all, but this manga had me strangely immersed in everything that was going on, perhaps it´s because it was one of my first anime, perhaps because it was one of the first manga I ever bought for myself back in middle school – I´m not sure if I´m willing to compromise and watch the first 103 episodes for this sequel, but hey, I´ll work it out somehow. Regardless of it all, there´s more Dr.Gray-man to come, and that´s always good.

Edit: I just checked because I assumed A1 Pictures did the first 103 episodes for some reason, but the perpetrator is actually TMS Entertainment, well shit, if this doesn´t get a studio change.


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D.Gray-Man Gets New Anime Adaptation., 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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