Cute High Earth Defense Club´s Director Claims Season 2 Depends On Sales.


Gintama, Daily Lives Of Highschool Boys and the Winter anime Pretty Boys Parody Sailor Moon: The Anime director Shinji Takamatsu went on a Twitter rant surprising exactly nobody, saying that the criteria of a possible second season depends on nothing less and nothing more than disc sales.

In addition,Takamatsu also claimed he´ll happily stick around for a second, third, fourth and fifth season, but says the reality of late-night anime makes this a near-impossible task – the home-sales need to net in at least 1.25 million US dollars to break even, meaning about 6000 disc sales per volume.

The first volume which was released earlier this week hit around 7k volumes, meaning it probably won´t make the 6k average.

Honestly, more than wheter or not Binan is getting a second or not (can´t say I care either way) I feel like this brings some nice, up to date perspective on late-light anime like this, I mean, the anime itself didn´t even look that fabulous, and yet it´s apparently worth more than a million dollars, I´ll leave the economic stuff to the economists, but damn, what are shows a lá Fate/Zero worth, then? Is the anime production completely dependant on dvd/bd sales or does the merchandise get included in that amount?

One way or another, it seems like a second season of Binan is not much more than a dim light in the distance.


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Cute High Earth Defense Club´s Director Claims Season 2 Depends On Sales., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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