Code Geass Gets A Sequel 10 Years After Debut Of The First Season.

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In anime’s fantastic attempt of giving every show except Baccano a sequel, Sunrise announced that they’re ruining the iconic Code Geass finale with a direct continuation of the second season.

And I say direct continuation because the Code Geass franchise has been continuously pumping out spin-off OVAs over the past decade. But who actually payed attention to those, right? Moreover, this was announced by Sunrise during the 10th anniversary event of the anime, as well as announcing a three part compilation film.

The format of the sequel remains unknown but I feel like it’s safe to say that it’ll be a TV anime or they would have announced it as part of the three part continuation film. The sequel, which will be called Lelouch of the Resurrection, takes place several years after the finale of the first season.

This is funny. Iconic old anime getting (hah, wait for it) resurrected and all. It’s funny because the choice of integrity would have been to keep them dead instead. From FLCL to Gunbuster and from Durarara to Legends of the Galactic Heroes – did anyone actually expect them to get sequels?

Yeah, it makes money. That’s what I’d say – following Hollywood’s trend of pumping out sequels like there’s no tomorrow to guarantee x amount of ticket sales. It would make sense that it works like that for anime too, right? Except that it doesn’t. There are countless sequels that sold horribly compared to the first, the aforementioned Durarara being a prime example of it.

Moreover, the anime community is pretty big on authenticity. Whether this is justified or not (hint: it isn’t) doesn’t matter, but we like to praise the good old days. Getting hard on nostalgia because it’s a niche medium and not blockbuster, million dollar projects. This is even more enhanced with decade old shows, and again, evidence shows that Japan generally feels the same way.

But it’s all up in the air for us to see. There haven’t been a lot of remakes or sequels yet – they’re just announced. When the shows start rolling out and wrapping up we can analyze the aftermath of it and whether or not it was a good decision.

That’s not to say I’m stubbornly against this new wave of anime resurrections. Especially not in the case of Code Geass, because despite Sunrise killing its iconic finale, I feel like as long as they keep the old staff and don’t update the terrible, 2007 Clamp aesthetics, it’ll be a good one. Unlike, for example, shows like FLCL which I’m a little less excited about.

I’ll get more into it in another post for another time, but one thing is clear – anime is changing, and it’s changing fast. Scream a little louder, the Baccano production scream might hear you over their game of anime darts where they choose the next hot sequel to make. Requirements: Be loved, be a decade old and actually had an ending when it finished airing.



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