China And Japan To Collaborate On “The Outcast” Project.

And it has the most generic premise you’ve ever seen. However, it really is a collaboration through and through, because while the original webcomic is Chinese, Shangai Emon is planning the series and the director is Wang Xin, the actual production is done in Japan, it will premiere on Japanese televisionand the voice cast is Japanese.

The anime is slated for the Summer season, debuting on July 9th – chances are it’s gonna be shit, and you’re only watching because of the background. To be fair, the promotional art is pretty stylish in it’s own way, and by that I mean that the female who totally doesn’t look like she came straight out of Tokyo Ghoul wears cool clothes.

Moreover, the story is essentially about as generic as generic gets, so you can fill out the blanks. It’s about some basic common dude called Cho Soran (emphasizing how basic and plain he is) who one day gets assaulted by zombies (not! ghouls) and a beautiful, big-boobed anime lady with a sword comes to his rescue, and his life changes forever from there onforward probably.

Will you watch it? You know I will give it a chance just to see what a China/Japan looks like. From what I know and from what my 3 second google search told me, this might be the first of its kind, even if China has made (or like, tried to) anime of its own, most notably that one yaoi show that I don’t think ever saw the light of day but had some dope visuals. Anyways.

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China And Japan To Collaborate On "The Outcast" Project., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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