Charlotte Episode 1 Thoughts – Code Geass, With Cute Girls.


It´s actually not like Code Geass at all, but the main character sure as hell remind me of Lelouch – if Lelouch were an attention seeking highschool student, oh right, I guess he kind of is, but Lelouch didn´t use his power to look at girls underwear and date his senpais, right? Oh – I´m getting sidetracked. Charlotte is the new Key adaptation and while most of us jumped the boat after Kyoani stopped adapting them, Charlotte is here with a fist and a sword to convince us that they too can make something along the lines of Clannad and Angel Beats, no, really, they´re trying really hard.

Here´s a fun fact for ya, every Key adaptation ever has made me cry, and Clannad is in my top 5 anime of all time, period. Of course, all of these shows were handled by the knowing hands of Kyoani, then they gave the metaphorical torch to P.A Works, who produced Angel Beats (which is also amazing and also made me cry more than once) just to fuck it up and give Little Busters to J.C Staff. J.C Staff should stick with generic fanservice shows, because they completely wrecked that show and I´ve been skeptical ever since, thankfully the torch is back to P.A, and while P.A is no Kyoani, they at least try to do Key justice.

Enter Charlotte, a show I was skeptical about for the afromentioned reasons, but was carefully anticipating – even so, I waited a whole day to watch Charlotte because I was a bit scared that P.A Works ruined it, but my worries were in vain, because damn it, Charlottes first episode was pretty damn good and the most entertaining premiere of the season right next to Gangsta and Durarara, it was good.

The comedy, music and set-up reminded me so much of Angel Beats,  and that´s a good thing, because I hope and suspect that this will take a dramatic turn pronto, since that´s the only reason we watch Key shows in the first place, right?

Furthermore, this episode proved me wrong, it reminded me a bit of Amagi Brilliant Park and the main character of Lelouch from Code Geass, the concept is cool and drops hints about the obvious drama that´s coming up – if anything, the first episode was fun. I´m optimistic, I´ll follow this.



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Charlotte Episode 1 Thoughts – Code Geass, With Cute Girls., 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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